So Thoughtful

Hello blog readers. Today I just want to rant and rave about my neck and shoulder strain. How many of you are experiencing this after long sessions at the computer? It also happens to me when reading books, especially the kind you can’t put down. I am too young for this ailment, but it happens on a regular basis. It starts with tension and discomfort, then paid radiates down my neck. When it hits the lower back, I know I am done for. I am griping to you because my boyfriend is sick and tired of it. He can go for hours at his home office desk and get up feeling fine. In fact, he is ready to go off to the gym. Meanwhile, I am stiff as a board and need to lie down for a while. It sucks.

Because of this problem, I sometimes have trouble focusing while I am tutoring my high school students. I feel bad because I want to give them my full attention. I have tried stretching, rolling my head in both directions, standing flat against a wall, and lying on the floor moving my legs and torso from side to side. It all prshouovides temporary relief at best. My boyfriend has given me massages and they work wonders, but he is so busy that I feel guilty that I am eating away at his time. I don’t want to spend money at a day spa (have you ever priced a one hour massage? You will be shocked). A massage is something you need almost every day if you are glued to a screen. You don’t want to sacrifice productivity by stopping for many breaks.

Finally, my dear boyfriend solved the problem. He bought me a home massager for my neck and shoulders – so thoughtful of him! It is a portable handheld device that comes with a few attachments. You can choose from several settings from low to high depending upon your degree of soreness. I love it on high and vibration at the same time. You do it yourself or ask another person to oblige. It doesn’t take long to get relief and you can do it several times a day if you like. It works for me and I highly recommend you computer freaks to try it.

There are many models and you don’t have to spend a bundle. Of course, the more you invest, the better the results. You can take it with you to the office or on vacation. I am hooked, and even when I am not aching in the shoulder and neck area, I still enjoy a treatment. While you might prefer a battery-operated unit, I find that plugging my massager in is easy enough. There is always an outlet nearby. I just don’t want the hassle of changing batteries, nor the cost. I am very practically minded. These gadgets are getting better all the time and last for ages. It is the best investment I have made this year, thanks to my boyfriend.